How Come Is It Even Possible?

That Polish guy just came over. He was super buffy with huge chest and thick body frame, huge cock and giant balls. Ass cheeks were a so so since they weren’t too firm, but eye-popping as well. His English was broken but enough to take a cab to my place, came up to my room at midnight where he then undressed my shorts and sucked on my dick instantly. I was afraid his thick and built body would break my bed.

It was 5 minutes of fantastic head I tell you. It had been so so worth the wait, until I reached out to his rear. The moment I barely put my finger up his hole, he started to cum. And I don’t know how Polish thing worked, but he wasn’t just cumming. HE WAS FREAKING FLOODING, all over his hands, his undies and then my freaking floor. He then said sorry and left for the early flight.

I mean, what the heck, he was able to cum within 5 minutes of sucking, barely any other interaction? And hands free? And in his undies? And now I’m stuck here with a halfway erection wiping the cum flood off my floor and typing this.

You know who’s going to beat himself tonight!!!

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