The Mountain Climber

Mike claimed himself to be “straight curious”. He had been sending me photos of his member while sitting on the floor and in the kitchen, indicating eagerness. I was more than 1 hour late, due to the  hyper sensual 2 hour session with Jonathan, but my body was instantly in ready mood upon seeing the first sight of Mike at this French-styled house beautifully covered with curtain creeper. His roommates were all away, he said.

He was Canadian, my height, my age, with way less beard than in the photo, which was positive since it made him look less wizard-y and better showcase the sneaky youthful smile. His glasses were on, his regular dark plain t-shirt and shorts were on, his body frame in healthy V shape but not too artificial. “I used to do a lot of mountain climbing,” he confessed while hitting the local puff that I couldn’t even do. Anway, I’d been craving a hot session with a mainstream-hunk around my age for a while to switch things up a bit, and couldn’t believe there were 2 lining up for me in a row that Saturday night.

We just chilled, shirtless, talking about Jessica Chastain. He opened up a beer for me and then ranted on how he didn’t like Alanis Morrissette back in the day since it was too mainstream. I said lot of music was mainstream because they were actually good. I played with his fingers while correcting his pronunciation of Bon Iver. He followed suit and caressed the part of my thigh revealing under the gym shorts I was on. “I’d only had sex with a man once,” he said. And of course, everything gay happens in Bangkok.

The following sequence happened quite fast. He wasted no time pulling my shorts down and really went for it, which was a bit surprising to me. I’d planned for it be a slow, chilled down session, you know that “bros hanging out in the nude together watching porns and drinking” kind. Plus, considering his limited experience, I’d expected he wouldn’t devour on a penis like that. But he TOOK it all.

Gag reflexes happened right at the very start. I was gunning his head down, having the feeling he could be the submissive type. His spit was everywhere when he pulled my cock out, all over his beautiful beard. Just like a resourceful and sharp-minded child who liked to improvise in the face of unforeseen troubles before mommy got home, he wiped them off quickly and got back to the business in a blink. “Where’s the bed?” I told him after realizing we were sweating the common room sofa.

When I entered the room, he was already undressed. His body was the perfect cross of fit hunk and dad bod. The cock was meaty and uncut, quite impressive, bigger than mine, 7 inches I would say. He didn’t trim. You just gotta love a guy who was comfortable in his own skin and didn’t spend too much time fixing himself in the mirror. But that wasn’t everything.

I knew it was cliche but I actually said “damn” when he turned around and lay down on his stomach. His butt cheeks were jumping in front of my eyes really. It was not the cute bubble type nor the melting one, but huge, firm, and popping partly thanks to the tanned body. I shoved my face right down where it was supposed to be while “motorboating” was the picture hoovering around my head at that point. He enjoyed it hard, I could tell, by his moaning and uncontrollable trembling. It’s a made up since Jonathan didn’t even let me get anywhere near his bottom.

The only thing that could have been longer was the fucking. Although fucking had never really been my most favorite thing to do, I really had the feeling that it would come back again, that sensation, when I could ejaculate inside somebody. I wanted to prove that Joey wasn’t the only one that could bring that magic. I wanted some other mark to remember rather than that night. Mike handled it very well in the first few minutes and then reached the point of pulling it out. I didn’t know it was me being to forceful or he wasn’t feeling it anymore.

We hung out in the nude again at the living room, doing another beer. I massaged his neck, legs wrapping him from behind, and slowly felt we were getting hard again. His hand reached out from the front and jerked my dick. We then switch to the 69 position, with him sucking and me shoving my tongue in his ass again. I was surprised that his hole was that… welcoming, considering it was only his 2nd penetration. “I practiced with the toys,” he explained.

But then he want pretty hard with the jerking that it hurt a bit. He came first, on my chest, and then sent mine flying while my tongue was still inside him. Picture your playful scream echoing in an empty room. Basically, that’s my whole sonic orgasm. Inside his hole.

He did some more pot and looked so hot in the nude. I felt sleepy already so he went to the gate, opened it widely while still in his birthday suit. The only thing that shouldn’t have happened was the fact that I forgot my one of a kind traditional-flavored Chinese cigarettes pack there and didn’t exchange number. That straight curious type wouldn’t stay long on the app.

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