An Education

I met her just once before her big day. She was cursing me with not the best language in the middle of the night, then there were tears in her eyes. I said I was sorry I couldn’t make it to the wedding and she was unreasonable not putting herself in my shoes. We then sat on my front door and just talked. She asked me if I was bi and was still be able to fall for a women. She usually asks strange things. There was once when she asked me why we never felt in love. I kept my silence back then.

We revisited our years in highschool. I used to wish it would be over soon but it wasn’t until now that those innocent moments, before the sex, the money, the career crisis, all flooded up, were how much under appreciated. She used to come over with my highschool sweetheart whenever I was sick.

We then said goodbye, before I took my flight off to paradise and she took her own to her own happiness where our fates are no longer intertwined. Her present and future are based in Taiwan, with that guy I called NASA guy.  That farewell kept playing all over to remind that we are no longer 2 kids who were born on the same day, in the same hospital room where our moms were side by side witnessing their own lives start to change forever.


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