Paradise City

Here I am in this beach town again, where I came searching for a rescue from the first taste of love deprived from my reach 5 years ago.

I can remember the hope lingering in my mind when the cut was still fresh. Beurre said goodbye after a year together to my surprise, and slowly removed any evidence of such relationship. At that time, I still hoped that he would see what I had done to prove that it was still worth giving a try. I still thought he would come over here with me, on my first flight, to see how the beach still sparkled at night time and then changed his mind.

I can remember the loneliness. Millions of tourists, lots of Chinese, lots of Russians, lots of backpackers, and lots of friendly locals, they were constantly moving with determination and purpose in life. I was not. I moved from place to place, eating not stop, going to the sea and then back. The men offering happy ending massages didn’t even bother trying anymore on my second night. They just simply grew tired of running after blank response.

This time, Nha Trang is different. The Russian & Chinese community seem to get even more crowded. Russian men clearly are more keen on colorful tight speedos and not keeping fit. Signs with multiple languages pop up all across the beach front street. New business boom while some must have faded. The beautiful white sand dunes are gone, leaving space for new resort construction.

This time, I come with a purpose. Work. There are countless of us, working for that same gigantic event. There are friends, including the lady who last week asked me to stage a marriage with her for the sake of our “friendship” and her family. There are a few people whom I like and admire as well. I’ve got my novel and application form to finish. I’ve got the beach waiting.

This time, I have been well ventured into the sex escapades. Within the last 24 hourse, I got head from 3 different guys, from 3 different places, in fancy and well equipped apartments overlooking the beachfront. I tried the pool in one, had gin tonic at another and enjoyed the work between places and work meeting venues. One of them begged for my cock inside him while his husband browsing the Internet in the room next door. He sucked and sucked and sucked, even with my piss coming out. The first one got a mouth full of cum since I hadn’t had sex in a week. And the last was never finished due to my time constraint. I bet the kids here would be envious if they ever knew. I bet.

But this time, no matter how eventful and strenuous the day is, those same feelings still manage to creep into every thought, at the fall of the night, at the early morning hours, at the break of the waves into the sand, at the aftermath of a party karaoke where I didn’t get to do my favorite and at the very moment when my cock squirted out those loads. There were no kisses despite their effort. The fulfillment was well gone and short-lived, just like any relationship I’ve ever had.

I sent a voice clip to Damian with the sound of the sea. I tried to convey the scent too but I’m sure it wasn’t a success.


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One thought on “Paradise City

  1. Again you left me wondering- what do you want from life/people around you…
    You seem to be a bit disappointed with previous relationships (or yourself..?)

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