Dear Joey

Dear Joey,

Before you go, here are somethings that I would like to remind you.

You still haven’t seen my photo collection which I’m really proud of. One of it has been selected as “Photo of the Week” by VSCO, you know. There’s this guy on Instagram sending me a message in private inbox last night, captioning my photo as “beautiful soul”. You saw it too, don’t you?

You still haven’t finished that book, Revolutionary Road, which you have bought right upon learning that I was reading it, and promised to discuss it together when we meet. I told you the characters share so many similarities to us. Troubles with long term planning. But I guess they still have quite an advantage over us after all: proximity.

You still haven’t told me about the new training project from Dell which I want to know since I want to learn 1 new thing everyday from you. You told me about how Indian workers are being outsourced somewhere which I made you explain over and over again to get the slightest gist of it. It would be great to see such enthusiasm in reality again, the enthusiasm when one talks about what he truly loves.

You still haven’t come to see the progress my children had made in English speaking. I know it’s not your biggest passion and I could see the sting in your eyes encountering a tricky question but it was them that convinced your boss for another holiday right? Now can I even begin to explain to such little faces what happened? I don’t want to spoil their innocence with my own hands.

And lastly, you still haven’t heard any of my songs. You were curious about the lyrics and melodies that came into my mind during my sleep and that I woke up in the middle of the night to write on our first night in that island. And you’ve been asking me about it. I want to keep it as my little secret till next month, when you walk out of that terminal again, for me, till you are safe, discreetly, in my embrace.

Don’t let time defy us.

Don’t let space destroy us.

Don’t let the ocean fill between us.

Cuz I only have this one aching heart.


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