I went to Jose Gonzalez’s show last night, a little bit late so there was no seat left. Some of the guy from his band are quite cute but they didn’t cause any distraction from Jose’s beautiful singing. And just as his most popular song, which he put to the end of the list, finished, he went inside and then came out again for an encore performance.

There are musical moments in life, and one was when I heard the choking crack in Justin Vernon’s voice when he was doing Skinny Love a while ago. Last night there was another one. Jose chose to sing something out of the setlist, something that caused his guitar mate some confusion at first, and something that was my request a few days earlier.

He did see my tweet and favorited it. I just didn’t expect that he would actually do it. I was standing so close to him, right next to the crazy gypsy-type girls screaming, feeling like he was singing that poetry to me alone. It was the very first piece of music that I ever heard from him.

The other night, Florian gave me the new Bon Iver CD, which I had been playing (online) a lot since it was released. He knew how to give the best gifts. He always does. Because he does care about people and pay attention to details. But it just ached a bit to see such investment was made in the wrong place. There’s not a single day that I don’t hope, and I’m sure, that he would find the happiness he deserves.

I’ve been sick lately, I guess the weather changes were responsible. Last night I woke up at 3, feeling everything was moving. The only thing I managed to do was to grab some paracetamol.

Paper came from the military, calling for health check again. I got away with it during the 2 previous years, and now I just don’t know. That worry was in my head all the time, seeing all of the plan ruined if they ever make that decision. I know they wouldn’t let me off easily due to the beef I had with one of the military guy a few years back. And they remember!

That’s one of the things I hate about this system. Forced service. Who does that? Also, wrong investment. They need to train the right guy, not the wrong guy whose assignment will never be there in the first place. Not to mention that homophobic environment. I could tell them I’m gay, but that will only give those guys more excuse to give me a hard time.

I told Joey but he didn’t seem to give a 2nd thought. He’s good at that, failing expectation. Or maybe I was just being too needy.

Hot fuck. That will get your head off things. I had one last week with a lawyer guy from the States living in Hong Kong. His attitude was rather anti-social in a conservative way but he made up for that with his nice body: not too muscular, just perfect, just enough amount of body hair. His sucking skills felt like heaven, smooth and no teeth, lots of gagging, lots of saliva. And the 2nd best was his sweet pair of butts, bouncing up and down as he was riding me. There was a moment when I fucked him too hard that his jizz just kept on shooting out without any hand contact.

I kissed his butt cheeks one last time then went home. I thought his name was Andrew.

Elvis, where are you when you’re needed most?

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