Buzz. Dan was much more good looking in person.

I spotted him as he was waiting for me at the front of his hamlet, claiming it would be complicated to find his place. We were both in blue football shorts and dark color t-shirts. His face was much leaner and thinner than the one on his profile. His eyes had a gentle enough feeling to look at because of their slightly downward position (which also reminded me of a big panda), too much of that would look like a serial killer. Bearded and friendly smile, resembling one of my past men, he had a bit of the tummy but he made up for his height and sporty manner. In general, I liked him from the start.

Buzz. His blow job, I had to say, was good but wasn’t the best. Maybe I had raised my expectation too high due to the prior chat on Grindr. But he did know how to get me to the point of verbally dominant. He made me want to hit him, to slap him, to get me going and let the hype stay on its peak for quite some time, long enough to make me cum twice on his beard and face. Another thing that surprised me was that he hadn’t been fucked for 6 months even though he claimed to be a “super bottom”.

What made me enjoy his company was his talk. He just lied there, in my arms and naked chest, on his sofa, sipping on the beer I brought over and slipping the stream of words off his kissable thin lips. They were not sweet lines that I usually resorted to linger, nor the selfish rants that immature boys did sometimes to impress. They were honest, and ear-catching at the same time. Sometimes it was his life back in New York, sometimes it was about the election, our mutual degree in college or maybe it was just another wholefully story developed from just a segment of a random horror flick shown on cable TV at that moment.

Buzz on the phone again. I rested my case and left, thinking it would be nice to catch up with him again but it might not be practical.

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One thought on “Buzzy

  1. The way you write about him seems to me like you miss having somebody to love, not only to fuck…

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