No Men Are The Same

Almost all of the most recent dudes that I had sex with, except for the beautiful-eyed pilot Luke, are married.

I was working for a rather formal event at this fancy hotel that I’d never been to. The President and his entourage were there as well to throw a fancy dinner to which I wasn’t invited but I could mingle in. I wanted to observe him a bit but his manner towards regular guys like me was somewhat indifferent. I looked at my phone instead. There I found a mature man staying a few floors above my head willing to mess around. His name is Stephen, from Texas, working in a natural history museum project with the government here whose information I wasn’t even aware. I delivered my delegation to the door and hopped over Stephen’s. It was just OK since I’m not much into the man but 1) there was a bj (he did ask why I didn’t give him any head in return and he did have a MASSIVE tool, probably the biggest one I’ve seen, and also in perfect symetric shape) and 2) it’s not all the time that you got to get head at 5-star hotel without paying.

I found another one on my Saturday-fuckday routine. Brad, super closeted, but adventurous enough to get himself prepared with a cock ring and no undies. He has a charming smile, red hair, nicely shape cock with muscular body but not too artifically. Unlike Stephen, whose partner is a man, Brad is married to a woman and has kids. He showed some comedic chop with the little buddy play I usually pulled at the reception (I just gave him the concept and he developed the whole contextual substance on his own and it was a bit over the top, but well, that’s still impressive, things discreetly gay men did.) He saves animals too I so I guess that’s a bonus to lots of people. But the real bonus is his amazing cock sucking skill: no teeth, no pain on the shaft of the head, just right amount of saliva. It was so smooth that I need to put his bouncing bubble butts behind. If it hadn’t been for the party that I had to go to that night, it would have been a round two before he took his flight back home. Another bonus that night is a crime thriller novel that he just finished. Ironically, on that night, I also brought a girl to the party which made my whole family went crazy the day after.

Anthony was a different story. There are 2 kinds of discreet married man: ones who can’t wait to have a dick, feel it in the mouth and swallow it fully in the ass and the other ones who aren’t not into any male sensualism and just the fuck, it’s not gay if the balls don’t touch kind of guys. Anthony is the latter, which is also the challenge. Hence, I had to resort to a different strategy. I had hooked up with him in a public toilet before. No kissing and he just stayed on my cock in barely a minute. No deep throat but rather dick-touching with mouth and lips stretching over the teeth. He was fat actually, sporty but fat. The bj was not that good and he did squeeze my cock a bit too hard with his hand (and seemed to enjoy doing so) but I figure there would be more to it. There gotta be something more. That’s why I’d been texting him from time to time, dropping hints and all. This time, he managed to rent a room, got enough space to suck on my dick slowly and even with a bit of deep throating. It was still not the best but he let me cum in his mouth and then spit it out harshly like it was a disease. I had sympathy for him before, especially when I knew I was the first man he was with, but it’s all gone learning he’d engaged in swinging activities from time to time. I know I’m gonna do it one more time, to get that ass.

Yes, there is this fantasy about married men, who is sexually repressed, who find every single excuse to sneak out and taste a cock or two, still proudly wearing their wedding rings. There is something dirty, something challenging, something hypnotizing. But there is also a sense of guilt picturing the very same mouth sucking on your dick a while ago going home to kiss come home to kiss their wives and kids. But after all, is it your problem? It’s from your moral ground to decide.

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