Is This Happiness?

Keith is a lot older than I am but I could tell that he must have broken lots of hearts when he was young. Handsome still, manly smile, charm and humor, he’s got it all, not to mention the skilled sexual technique he possesses, especially with the mouth.

He helped provide some courses here at the university where my dad used to go to and have a history there whose bloody pieces of it have been buried deep down by the locals. They didn’t speak about it when I asked. Those who did had that flashing glory light in the eyes only then were replaced with fear. My dad did run away. But I always wonder if he could even run away from his conscience.

Anyway, if you see Keith, you will know he’s a good guy. And a good guy should be kept as a good friend. You don’t cuddle nor spend the night with a good friend. It would be risky hence doesn’t feel right. That’s why I left afterwards, asking him to kiss me goodbye. “Down there I meant,” I said when he put a gentle kiss on my lips. He smirked and then bent down to reach for my zipper.

He’s bringing me some crime novels in 2 weeks. I don’t know if he charges but if he does, that might speak something about the character, even when I’d already mentioned that I would pay for them.


My application for a program in Beijing failed, after one in New York and another one in Azerbaijan did the same things. I guess partly I didn’t have what it took, and partly luck wasn’t on my side. I texted Damian about it. “Shanghai is only a short flight away though,” he said. The substance of those programs is one thing but another is the thrill of being able to go to a new place.


I’ve been to Hollywood hills

Taking violet pills

Writing all my songs about my cheap thrills

You’re a hard man

I’m a hard one to keep track of.


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