22, A Million

As usual, Friday night class ended late. I was at one point getting a bit sentimental today while talking to them about positivity and they were my positivity for my whole week. It’s happiness but also hardship at the same time, watching them growing up every week right in front of me, walking one step farther from our beginnings.


A wedding invitation came. Somewhere out of town. But I won’t mind travelling. I know her. She was a part of my college life. She was beautiful and so was her soul. It was always poetic, things that she wrote. She made poems sometimes and found consolation in an old comic book or a photo that had been somewhere, maybe at one point, of her past years of existence. I guess all of them are all true now. I want to see them all next Sunday, at her wedding. But at the same time, my selfishness prevailed and I sent her a small poem. In my language of course, unlike my lyrics. If efforts had been made to translate into English, it would have gone something like this:

Who asked for good books to end

Who asked for bottles to get spent

Who asked for blue sky to turn hue

Left your own shadow with no muse.

I guess she saw through it. She must have seen through it and then came her response. The guy was lucky.


I talked to Joey for a little more while since basically, he’s the only one texting me with questions. He likes to send me updates. I told him he would look much hotter dropping some weights. At the same time I told him it wasn’t that I didn’t encourage him to be who he was. Appearance does matter. If somebody says no, I would think it’s hypothetical. Like Alan think my Pinoy mate was hypothetical covering environmental news and littering like hell.

Maybe he was really sincere.


Bon Iver’s 22, A Million came out today. What was surprising (which had been made aware earlier) was the unusual characterization of all the songs’ titles and cover arts. What was not surprising was the words were still figuratively stained in an emptiness and insecurity. Sometimes I would love to hear Justin explored his lower vocal range, the way he did in some live sessions. But the layered and much distorted one this time was also cool, something could be considered a growth to the seeds planted in previous releases.

What are you hiding beneath them layers, Justin? That, where I would like to wander.

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