Kuala Lumpur #2

I think his name was Sai or Say. All I know is that he is partially Indian, slightly bearded and pleasant looking. He was there, waiting in the middle cubicle as I opened the door. He quickly shut it, removed my pants like a professional and started sucking me. “Piss into my mouth,” he whispered, risking his identity in this discreet nation where homo act is morally condemned, while the cleaning lady was doing some work just outside and the workshop was still proceeding upstairs.

Carefully, he held and swallowed all of the liquid at a constant pace, in sync with the flow of the stream from my body, so that none could slip out and fall into his attire. I was usually a bit hesitant to the ‘golden shower’ idea because of the mess but this boy, he just did it all, perfectly clean, without any drop left out. Upon finishing his ‘drink’, he went on my already hard cock for a little more while until I burst my first load in Malaysia into the very same mouth.

I rushed back to the conference room, sat down when Juno asked me where I had been. I lied, of course, to her. She was such a sweet, but insecure, person. Always been with me since day #1 of the program. Always supporting and shedding knowledge into my narrowed mind. And I guess I accidentally facilitate her attachment towards me.

I’ll be where my reputation don’t precede me.


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