Things Done for a Good Head

It was late at night and I was tired after the class. The kids were enthusiastic as usual but they are getting less and less susceptible to the ‘stick and carrot’ treatment of mine. But then the message came and I knew no matter how exhausted I was, I needed to get going.

My excuse: I’m young, I’m entitled to be running for the money and the flesh. Or at least that’s the way I was convinced. But well, intercourse isn’t that much of a deal to me, in comparison to a blowjob. And who I am to deny an eager mouth?

Room 1113, I opened the door only to find Lars in the dark, on his knees in his undies, just like he was told, mouth waiting. We wasted no time as he quickly removed my favorite cargo shorts and boxers and started working on it. His plan was just blow job, nothing else, since he had not much time. My plan, considering that I didn’t want to go for intercourse, was to bring down his plan.

He wanted to finish me quickly but I took a hold of his face (damn, it was beautiful from in one moment, shoved my cock in in its entirety and fucked his skull faster. He thought I was going to get off but then I forced him look upward and sealed his open mouth with a kiss. That moment, I knew I won. “Delicious cock,” he said minutes after when he was on the bed, trying to catch the last drop dripping out.

I didn’t stay long afterwards since I really needed to go. Phones were buzzing. Eyelids were falling. I took the final moment to take in the ambiance. He was smooth, a bit of extra fat but nice shape, not too submissive, nice body hair. He said he was in medical service.

Maybe it was the fact that I had a “just OK” blowjob the previous day (in the mall restroom, which didn’t go that hot as I wanted it to be), maybe it was the light from the street that only cast half of its face, or maybe I was just sentimental a bit, but he had a really cute smile. Friendly, gentle but still manly smile. And I guess he was lonely too, in that fancy hotel room and the discretion that he chose for his journey. So I wouldn’t mind travelling long distance for another time.

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