Another Aussie Encounter

Darren was a man man. He had muscles, but not too artificial. He had charms, but not the seductive playboy guy. He had maturity, but was still able to pick up my sarcasm traces and make a comeback.

He had these really neat teeth which formed a part of the seductive smile. His body was so firm that I could hold onto any specific region that I wanted. The cock and asses were beautiful too. “Could I kiss you?” He asked me out of the blue while I was laughing about his could-have-been ski-resort hookup while he was still married.

The only 3 things that made it didn’t go well were, except for the fact that he used to be married, 1) he was already in his late 40s, which probably doubled my age; 2) his children were downstairs and 3) he was a total top. It was a bit of convincing to get him to give head and get throat fucked (which was of no problem with the Aussie dude I had sucking down my cock the day before). And it was even harder to get him to turn around and get close to his beautifully shaped butts and hole. So that were the not so bright side.

The bright side was, in the end, he had me burst my load (not into his mouth, sadly) and, before that, get inside him in a bit. His rimming skill was actually a spot-on, accompanied by those body suppresion of his. With men with traits like these, I could actually see the bottom possibility but if there were more resource invested.


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