People Don’t Say Much In Dreams

The other night, I had a dream in which the surrounding looked as thought they had been under a comprehensive attack. There were obstacles sparking fire along the way and orange ashes flying but once I made my way to the very end, I saw him waiting.

He said he had been a fool not realizing where his heart found shelter and had to struggle to come to terms with the idea of us together. Surprising it was since for all of the high school years, it never come across that one day I would be thinking of tasting his lips, especially when we were vying for the same girl back then.


A similar dream found creeped its way into the night again but it wasn’t the could have been straight friend anymore. It was a recent guy that I saw that hold the power to dare and challenge, to tempt and make me break my own rules. He was chubby and naked, stripped off from his luxury and trendy colorful fashion. He was just him with the raw, dusty bearded jaw, the same one with which he used to scratch against my chest and then asked if he could continue without irritating me.

The only thing different is it was me in the chaos that was asking him to stay. There was this huge tickling clock running against our will and I wanted to make the most use of what we were allowed to have. He never responded.


Just 2 days ago, he showed up in my sleep, the first time in a long time I guess. But his appearance only followed that of another one that he had slept with without my knowledge. I was surprised, seeing them two together, both naked, and then I said goodbye, leaving it all in such chaos and him uttering with no sound behind.

He never did anything intentionally to hurt. But I figure we could both do it over and over again to each other, even in the dream.



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