For G, Part 2

Another day is over, another day is done. 

Now I’m getting closer, to the rising sun.

I was introduced you to him through a mutual friend, which is something that has never happened before. He didn’t mind my sweaty t-shirt, took the shorts off while I was on the  phone and started what he did best, and also, what I liked best. There was no deepthroating but the impact was equivalent.

He was holding the first 2 half of the shaft of my cock while slurping on the head, each time with different angle. I had a rather dry bj from a random French dude previously so the wetness and painless tightness were well appreciated.

It went on for 40 minutes without anything in return. I just lied there with my groin pointing up and his head moving up and down. A sucker with passion, that’s what I’ve always been looking for.That passion refused to die down till the 2nd time I came.


“Please tell me you had sex with that preacher, please just say yes, so that I could get my fantasy fulfilled”, if there’s anything that didn’t match his look, this is it, his chatty nosy ‘slutty’ character.

At 30s, he had this fashionable hairstyle and typically colorful elegant gay-guy-living-in-luxury style, which didn’t matter that much to me. But the smile was worth noticing. There was this gap between his teeth. The belly wasn’t toned but a bit hairy and chubby. His face was handsome, square, manly. For all of those features, he looked like George. Actually, his name was also George.

I spent the next 30 minutes just to lie next to him and having him kissing me and my nipples in turn before taking off.


“You’re not spending the night?” the British George was lying on his bare ass and t-shirt on.

“Hotel regulation. Not my preference,” I made my excuse as I walked (shamelessly) past the looks from the reception and made my way home through the night where a Malaysian boy was waiting to deliver another sucking session. But my mind was full of the dreams I thought were long gone. It’s funny how they will always manage to find the way back to you when they’re least expected.


Hey man, how are you doing?

Would you like a little company?

Hey man, what are you thinking?

Would you like to sit next to me?






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