I had been feeling something strange about my penis since the day when Al got my foreskin retracted way much more than it had been before thanks to his aggressive blowjob preference. There was this slimey thing sometimes inside the foreskin. It could be dirt. Or it could be STD. That’s why I went to the doctor today.

The doctor who spoke at a rather intimate tone asked me about my age, which I lied, and my sexual partner, to which I didn’t give an honest answer either. He then went on about my marital status and how long I last during a performance, on the average. I told him I came here for STD check, not erectile dysfuction. For survey purpose, he said smirkingly.

My senses immediately informed me that the doctor was gay. The way he fondled my cock and talked to me with flirty eyes, it all gave it away. Now looking back, it would have been a bit better if my cock had been a bit hard. Just imagine, as he’s examining my cock, it gets hard, and kahzam! Straight out of gay porn fantasy!

The reality went in a stark contrast. I just went downstairs waiting for my results in anxiety, which later came out all good. He suggested getting my cock circumcised, which is to the least of my liking. He also prescribed some antibiotic (that cost quite a bit) and asked me not to have sex in half a month. “You can do it right?” that smile again worn on his face.

This should be called a notable example of being irresponsible but I decided to celebrate not having STD by asking this French dude named Luc to give me a deluxe blowjob in this fancy hotel. It was the place where I met Mark the crossdresser and the French guy that acted too unnecessarily romantic after for the first time.  After all, the blowjob was good. Sloppy. Smooth & no teeth. I didn’t find him attractive though. “I’d rather get fucked or fuck”, he said.

Connor strongly detested the idea of me getting circumcised in his very own extravagant style, which I always find amusing, of course. He could put on his own dark-comedy sitcom show starring only himself and it’s still surprisingly entertaining enough. And I would play an extra on that show anyday.




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