Daily Rant

I can’t help but furtively putting on a smirk upon seeing his shoulders shrinking in his large one color t-shirt. He looks like a boy. With socks, sneakers and a striped shirt worn on the outside, it was a skater boy I’m sure.

He taught me to be tidier. He kept my earphones in one knot and got down to fix my shoe strings, one by one, and tied them together again in a way that made it easier for people like me to put my foot in and out without taking them all off. I pictured If I were high heels and got stuck in cement or pavement cracks, he would helped me out gently as well. And then why would I even think about that in the first place?

When I felt lazy and just wanted to lie down, he did all the cooking, cleaning and also helping me pack my luggage while we were travelling. He brought me instant noodles when he knew I needed to eat hot noodles to feel OK again.

It does help laziness cope better with life.

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One thought on “Daily Rant

  1. Furtively? You were quite open and direct about it. 😉

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