Traveling Indonesia

This year marked the first time I spent my new year not with my family but on a train. This is also the first year I didn’t get to see my sister. And last but not least, I hadn’t done any proper writing at such transitional moment until just now.

I remember leaving on the train in hastiness after catching a glimpse of a firework testing session from afar from Aaron’s place. Oh yes, we were in his place, the guy that I had sex with one, that guy with delicacy and extreme behavorial politeness hard to match. It’s hard to believe that he agreed to host me and 2 strangers, knowing me for merely 40 minutes or so and mostly just by flesh contact.

But back to the train, it was not as pleasant of a ride as expected. There was nothing of what Damian called a “Mile Low Club” (the opposition of Mile High Club). But it was lovely enough with the lucky money envelop from FJ and Damian and FJ himself by myself. It was the only taste of a New Year’s Eve at home.

Our journey from then on was just great. It was easy, not too much work since we all didn’t mind eating instant noodles cup across the country, from Jakarta to Jogjakarta, to Probolinggo, Banyuwangi and then Bali. I counted experience I’d gained with the number of local people I met, the like-minded travelers, the bits of information I learnt, the new activities I got the chance to be a part of  or any ritual routines I saw. There were so many hot men along the road but my hands could touch none, partly because exploration was put up front, partly because I was going in group. But we all did manage to get some physical action. That one particular morning, I woke Aaron up by undressing his boxers and caressing his beautiful buttocks.

Going back home and readjusting to daily routine is never easy, especially with duties tallying up. It’s hard to operate while emories are still very lively and vivid, each one trying to outstand each other untill they all settle and start to fade.

But again, it’s also a pleasure going to sleep with the crack of my voice from the smoking that reminds me of my first proper drag show, with the new scars on my legs in which I could see the bike trip to Ubud that we took and the magical moments in iJien crater Borobudur that tell me how lucky I was being able to collect them without being lonesome.

He was not the best but it did feel like the best.

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