By The Window

It is hot when a guy gives in. Straight turning a bit gay, masculine college dude tempting to try having a guy working on his dick for the first time, bi getting fucked, those scenarios are usually under most visited categories on Xtube. In real life it was much more different. I hadn’t really had my share until Robbie came along.


The first time we talked, which was on Grindr, was about a year ago. I know that he was working here as an ESL teacher but I didn’t know it was for a pretty high profile university and he could have been my examiner for this test once. We’d been exchanging small talks and then dropping it there. He didn’t really cross my mind until FJ told me that he had slept with a German dude.

It was not bj like the first time, not wanking like the 2nd time, it was full on sex. He told me they flip fucked each other and I think he was well aware of the impact it would do. “Never mind,” I told myself, since I did encourage playing solo while away. Dusting it off, thinking my vengeance should be in much greater scale, I went on Grindr and the first person I saw was Robbie, 400 meters away from my office.

We met for coffee at the newly erected mall right next door. He was there, waiting for me while sipping on his carrot juice and I had to admit that he was way more good looking than in my imagination. That photo on his profile was not flattering at all. Thin, bony face but with the balance juxtaposition of features, thin lips, sexy one sided smile and smooth shiny bronze hair. An Aussie. Our talk was carried away from there.

“So, so far, you know my name, my place, my work, that’s basically my life. And I know nothing about you,” he provokingly said, waiting for my words to flow, which was the right track.

“And don’t forget I also know that you’d been proposed 25,000 dollars to turn straight for a green card.”

I thought I was always good at it, first date thing, how to bait, how to extract information without giving away too much, how to strike the impression of a supposedly smart, masculine kid with dark wit and a touch of sarcasm. I’ve learnt to retreat and create a whole new persona on stage.

“I was voted best hair in college,” his ego was being wounded.

“And I was voted most brutally honest. That is a bad hair style.”

We then walked back to his apartment, just a footbridge away. 20th floor. The door was open. We went at it. Like animals.

It had been long since I last threw myself into the wilderness of lust and mutual attraction, since Connor I believed. Robbie was no time waster either. He stripped me and himself like a rabbit, pushed me to the bed wallowed in darkness with the window open. His mouth was passionate yet gentle and just enough, a man’s mouth, leaving the trace of sweetness across my chest and then down my stomach. He put my enraging cock in his mouth slowly and started slurping on it. I was completely drowned.

The memorable thing about Robbie is he is a top, or at least he doesn’t get fucked here, in this place, where most of the boys are less dominant than him. Upon the situation where we had only one condom (from my wallet), and I said I had never been fucked before (which was partly true, since George did get his way a little bit, which was another hurtful experience for me), he gave in.

“Thank you,” I whispered, right before giving deep kisses on his toned butt cheeks while my hands, not getting enough of his body, were still making their ways around his defined muscle. Working out does wonder to a guy in early 40s.

We went for it when he was lying with face on the bed. Slowly at first. He then pushed me down, taking control again by sitting on my stomach and started riding my cock. I could feel his breath dropping more heavily with every single up and down movement. There was a moment when he did it so hard that my cock just slipped out of his hole and he accidentally put all of his body weight on it.


But we didn’t let it interfere. I dragged him to the wall, hands up and legs spread, face against the wall. We admired our reflection in the mirror as I went for it at rapid pace. I didn’t think watching me banging in this police searching position could be that hot. So hot that Robbie couldn’t take it anymore.

On an unexpected twist, he turned around and pushed me towards the window, where he lifted my whole body to the table with just one movement. My legs were up high and my back was against the windows behind which the city lights were starting to fill up the sky. I felt exposed. I felt vulnerable. I thought he was gonna fuck me.

He guided his tongue towards my manhole and started eating it. Another burst of ecstasy went through my brain, immediately replaced the insecurity that was on the verge of taking over me body. His mouth felt just right, again, not too divulging but still very sensual. Then I started to feel his fingers hovering around the gate. That was when I knew it was my turn again.

We dragged ourselves to the bed, this time he was lying on his back. I pushed his leg up and jammed my cock inside his opening with all my force. After some goes, I stood on my foot in squat position for a change. I could feel the weight of my body oppressing on his so the fucking moved to the side with one of his leg up, locked by my arm squeezing his nipples. In every position, our mouth still found their ways to each other.

He was on all four again. I knew it was time so I gave it my all for the last one. Bursting, he squirted all over the bed sheet. I could feel some of the thick and warm loads landing on his face as my hand was grabbing his beautiful hair. I pulled out my cock, removed the condom and gave him a facial.

“Next time will be my turn,” he whispered in my ears upon my leaving, seductively.

“Like a boomerang huh?” We laughed and exchanged a civilized goodbye. He was polite enough to walk me through all the way to the footbridge.


Robbie also saved my day the 2nd time. It was after I learnt that FJ invited a boy over his place to perform some 69. I didn’t mind. Dusting it off again, I was thinking to myself that this could be an excuse I could use to embark on my personal adventure with Robbie or everybody else and not feel guilty. And on this 2nd time, he once again failed to fulfill his ‘boomerang’ self-promise.

It was already a hot idea that boosted my hormones, the fact that he gave in to me, a guy not as muscular and much younger. But giving in wasn’t just Robbie’s decision to make. I aslo gave in to my sexual desire, my self-assigned moral values I used to use to preach to people around me about relationship. And more than that, to put out fire with a bigger fire, I’m slowly giving in to no more trying in us.

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