Could Have Been A Blizzard Yesterday

I guess I’m a bit too old to complain about everything unpleasant the way a teenager going through puberty can. I’m still to young to feel nostalgic for something that has stretched longer than my time here. I don’t really know what I miss and what I’m missing.

My 11 year old cousins made me Korean styled rice rolls the other day and they were pretending I was one of the judges from Junior Masterchef while their older versions were walking down the stairs, passing looks and just left. There were times when the olders & I enjoyed doing similar things. Now there’s just me. They managed to grow out of it.

The music was playing and then Lana Del Rey’s old demo version of “Video Games” came on (Youtube’s suggestion) which then brought me back to a swimming pool I imagine decades ago, where all the kids used to be free spirited. The ground has been lost. The scene has died. So have the beings.

I used to occupy moments with food, with outburst on social medias, and on the maturity searching process, with men. Such perfect combo. I guess I should make the best use of the rarity of the feeling to write something, like a new song, or just this.


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