Sexual Healing 2

10.30 pm. Friday night. Damian & I managed to reach Soi Twilight just in time. It is the gay corner inside Pat Pong the red light district in Bangkok. It took me back to 3 years ago when I first visited BKK during a student program and all of those members called me by the name “Pat Pong boy” due to some misunderstanding. Ironic much thinking back now?

We had to make our choice between: 1) A place called “Dick Cafe” with probably nothing going on inside; 2) A dozen of hunky Thai dudes wearing tight white undershirt and super short shorts inviting us to go inside a bar and 3) A rather low dimmed light place called Dream Boys which was recommended by a friend of Damian. We finally settled on the 3, for which we paid 450 baht each with the promise of seeing live “performances” that can’t be disclosed in advance.

There we were, sitting on front row chairs in front of a cat-walk like stage. We were asked not to use any recording device upon entrance. The 450 baht went to the Chang beer bottle which was the only viable option among the rather limited drink choices that we were offered. I managed to take a quick glance around the audience and if stereotypes were the way to go, there would be some feminine fashionable Thai boys sitting in one corner, extremely old white ‘daddies’ in another, some curious (and  very goodlooking) manly Chinese/Singaporean-ish hunks, gay backpackers with slippers, nerdy middle-aged white dudes who had probably never had sex before Asia, aged glamorous white ‘divas’, the ladies aka queens of the house and their seemingly straight companies and well, around 50 of smooth go go dancers wearing nothing but tight white briefs labeled by numbers lurking in the back.

“I have eyes on about 2 of them,” I said, “in the audience though.”

“Yeah, I like him,” Damian gave a head up toward the Chinese looking dude.

As the go go dancing warm up was over, the host said something (supposedly funny) in Thai and the darkness on stage finally gave way to welcome the performer in. He was wearing strippers’ regular clothing, of course, with a hat and a chair to accompany. “There was no water storage up on the stage so probably he wouldn’t do the Flash Dance wet thing at the end…,” I thought to myself upon seeing the chair.

What he did actually was to invite the only white lady in the crowd upstage and then, you know, like a bachelorette’s party… He should have dragged one of those hungry men looking at him with slippery mouths open instead since after all, this is a gay place. Her companion was pretty hot though, middle aged, white-ish hair, polo shirt and jeans, mature and straight acting, my type. I guess I was paying so much attention on the wrong place that I missed the part that got the audience cheer up in laughters where he removed his pants and directed his bare ass towards her face and guided her hand slowly moving behind the hat which was then covering his genital area only.

He then went inside then came another break. They played Adele and some other pop music in betweens… I was put in the dark again, but right after I managed to catch the unsurprised look on the handsome gangs.

The light hit up again as the 2nd performance was about to start. The music turned into some regular dance club synthetiser beats and I was excited to see the row of silhouette lining up already in the stairs leading to the main stage. Before long, one by one came into the spotlight, did some catwalking in nothing but underwears and have I mentioned that their bulges were incredibly huge? They were all HUGE.

I could see the expression on the handsome Singaporean guy’s face slowly turned into surprising for appearantly something on stage. The ‘models’ have finished their catwalks and now doing another round but with their cocks out this time!

All erected.

I felt blushed and laughed a little bit to make it go away. To be honest, I had never had that many cocks pointing that aggressively to my face. I mean, I rarely give blowjobs. And also, those dudes weren’t really what I found attractive since they were all a bit flashy, a bit too smooth, not my regular type.

But then I couldn’t help turning back because, well, I’d paid already and I wanted to see how big they really were. All of them wore cock rings. Some of them had condoms on already, which I made me wonder a little. “I’m not sure,” the old man sitting next to me answered with that quirky sly smile upon my wondering. He knew.

What followed was a mixture of traditional Thai dancing, a small beauty pagean kits featuring drag queens (with their cocks out again during unexpected moments, of course), some glowing painted dudes twirling in weird motion which reminded me of Lana Del Rey swinging in her SNL performances and finally the live sex came.

A drag queen was ‘raped’ on stage. She screamed and the rapist kept on fucking but it just didn’t look like he was making effort. Anyway, it was a bit uneasy to watch for me so I once again turned to the audience. The backpacker kid was dropping his jaws in shock and the handsome gang had already left. I guessed Damian and I both wanted to leave as well. And we finally did when the go go boys were back up again, dancing around in rotation and looked at us with those puppy eyes.

I mean, I wanted to see how it was like, that feeling when I got the decision to pick which one I like and take him back to the room but my boyfriend was sick in the hospital and well, I couldn’t pay.

We headed out of the door and I could feel so many distorted feelings inside my head. Was it a turn on? Not that much. But was the idea a turn on? Yeah maybe. Was I a hypocrite feeling bad upon seeing a go go dancer with his girlfriend backstage and another young boy looking suffered from being molested by a dude tripling his age? Probably. Will FJ like it? I don’t know. Anyway, I didn’t really give it that much thoughts since we were on our way heading to the most popular gay bar in town called DJ station.

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