Sexual Healing

Since FJ had been hospitalized out of the blue, the first one I met up upon arriving in BKK is actually Damian. We’ve been in touch for the past month and he’s always been extremely supportive, so supportive that he was willing to pick me up from the airport and accompany me to the hospital. That kindness and lively spirit always remind me of Alan.

Our guesthouse is a small road in the back of Khao San, but such location wasn’t distant enough to isolate ourselves from the upbeat and rather too noisy and foreign-alienated ambiance witnessed in Khao San. It’s a good thing though, since all the local food and souvenirs are well present. But we rushed to the hospital first thing, after a quick pork noodle and a Hale syrup that tastes of too much artificial sweetness.

Dengue it was, or at least that’s what the doctor said. FJ was able to move around with his attached IV bottle though. “There goes the vacation,” I thought. But FJ was so generous and kind-hearted to encourage me not to stay by his side all the time but to go out and enjoy the night with Damian. I figured it should make me somehow look like a bad boyfriend but then again, Damian also changed his entire itinerary just to be able to catch up with me in BKK. From then on, things went on in a blink.

Or maybe not. We spent the next half an hour messing around in the hospital bathroom (since Damian raised the idea that there could be secretly installed camera directed at the patient’s bed and yes, the hospital looks even better and bigger than our guesthouse). My first hospital blow job didn’t really end with a bang since it was a bit inconvenient fixing 3 people plus a moving IV stand inside the small bathroom/toilet area. What is more disturbing is the nurses dropping in and out through the unlockable front door.

I knew I couldn’t really cum since it didn’t feel good as expected so I tried to make at least one of them cum. Damian was out of the question since he didn’t like it so there was only FJ left. I jerked him a bit and I knew the process it took to make him ejacuate quickly. As he was reaching the explosion point, I tried to press Damian’s head down to his cock so that he could catch it, which I then realized was a big mistake because: 1) Damian isn’t into white men that much and 2) He doesn’t swallow.

So that’s pretty much how it went. The much hyped and supposed to be one thrilling sneaky hospital sex ended up with none of us having orgasm. But I wasn’t disappointed or anything since I realized that sex wasn’t the factor that bind us together. I enjoy both of their company for something else, bigger than that. Putting that thought aside, Damian & I headed out to attend our first ever live sex show in Soi Twilight.

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One thought on “Sexual Healing

  1. Piggy Bank demands an extra filling for the terrific pun in the title. :-p

    However, even without trying to push Damian into swallowing, I couldn’t have come. Yes, you almost had me there, but then I almost passed out because the fever left me so weak. 😉 So, yes, hospital sex didn’t quite live up to our expectations…

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