Calling To The Station

Thursday night. My heart was pounding. Hotel hookup is something I haven’t done in a long time but this guy’s got games: physically fit, tight firm ass, popping chest and lean abs but not too much muscle, grey hair, good looking face and thin kissable lips. Room 502. He greeted me in only his black brief. The only thing different this time is I’ve got Fjiji Bear beside.

There we were, the three of us, standing in the room. I taunted with his abs with my fingers moving around, slowly reaching his lower region. Troy, which is his name, is sex, as the smell of it goes. He’s hot. He’s sex. He’s sex god. And more importantly, he’s willing to offer me his sweet hole. Power bottom, he said, cock ring in place and willing to be dominated by two cocks.

The silence was soon broken by my suggestion of taking a shower together. I dropped my clothes and went to the bathroom. The boy and the man followed suit. It was rather a small bathroom, which was good for squeezing. I got Troy in the middle and started kissing him and he started to fondle my neck and my cock.

The next thing I knew was we were all in bed, Troy in the middle, sucking on Fiji while getting his hole rimmed and then dominated by me. I’ve always had troubles fucking Jorge or even Fiji sometimes (nothing intended, if you’re reading), but this dude just let me go all the way.

There were times when he was too indulged in his lustful moaning that he forgot to work on the cock on his mouth. And his ass, one of those who obviously spend lots of time working out, despite not being too tight, was just so firm and bouncy at the same time. Sometimes the bones hurt my thighs but it was the kind of pain that you were willing to endure.

Leaving the room after cumming, I felt much vibrant and active. I guess I didn’t know how much needed that no string attached, stress free, ecstatic session, to experience that hookup with stranger satisfaction, the nervousness before the meet up without knowing each other’s faces, the hint game, “I will wear this and you will wear that”, the childish joy of succesfully sneaking into hotels in town without being asked.

The only thing lingered in my mind was at one point, Fiji Bear, the usually gentle and very (very very very) nice, well mannered and introverted kind, told Troy to “come here and suck on my dick” in a rather “douchy” way, like porn stars would do, like I would do. I wonder if it’s spending too much time with me or just himself. Anyway, I decided to send that thought to the drifting wind blowing at my face while driving on the way back home.

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