Sento 1

Koichi is a friend of mine, or so my positivism said. We met in a bar a long long time ago. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we hug, sometimes we even ignore each other’s presence. Sometimes I secretly checked out his bubble butt, sometimes I just played numb to it. Koichi and I are that kind of friends.

Last Friday night, he was alone. I thought so since he was surrounded by no company, just like I was, in that very same bar in which we seemed to know everybody. It’d been a long time since we last chatted so I greeted him with a big warm embrace.

He had been suffering from Gout, which took my by surprise a little since he looked healthy to me. He’d broken up with his girlfriend recently as well. So I guessed there was a lot to talk about. Our conversation shifted from one topic to another, and then ended up with something homosexual.

“Have you ever been to that gay sauna?” Koichi raised his eyebrows.

“There’s a gay sauna in town?” That was my first question. “And how the heck do I not know about this while you do?”. That was the second one.

And then with a few more drinks (he offered me some tequila shots which were nice), we finally settled on a date. I, a very not so active gay man, would go to the sauna this Saturday, under one condition: Koichi, a straight guy, would accompany me.


This Saturday, there he was, still in the usual formal pants and tight shirt with 1 button undone, silver necklace with a considerable tiger shaped ornament, on the motorbike, waiting for me in front of school. I hopped on, both eagerly and nervously. “Let’s grab a drink first,” he said.

After some Google map searching, we finally arrived at the place. Small, low dim light, pink or purple ish neon light casting on the dark valley, the place had nothing screaming “gay” like I’d expected. We went inside and the first thing we asked for is the sauna table and massage.

“Oh we have no sauna table or massage here,” the receptionist said. “Why don’t you go explore for yourself?”

We were then taken to the locker room. In a blink, I saw Koichi, standing in front of me, getting undressed as fast as he could, strutting the full monty bubble butts, and his penis of course. “Let’s go to the shower.”

His penis is not the type I find attractive. First, there was too much hair. And second, it’s rather tiny. Well, you know the stereotype about Korean and Japanese penis size. But on the shower, my mind was on something else since there was another dude checking me out, and soon reaching for my cock. I had never had such feeling before. Adrenaline started to boost at the touch of a strange man.

Koichi gave me a blink and then walked out. I rushed after him since I was scared of being alone in a shower with 3 naked strangers eyeing on the new meat. Grabbing my towel, I ran to the room next to it, still on ground floor, which was a jacuzzi. Soon I found Koichi, with his towel already dropped on the floor, walking into the water, with another few dark figures lurking in the back of the jazcuzzi.

I took another deep breath and follow suit. And I could feel that two of those dark figures were touching themselves in the water, with their heads intertwined, as my feet getting deeper and deeper in the fuzzy warm collective bathtub. What I didn’t really notice was my cock already standing in position and a hand out of no where fondling my balls from the under.

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4 thoughts on “Sento 1

  1. Hehe, that post confused me a little — is it the first part of a fictional story that you’re going to write here, or some real experience from the past, with the date missing? Because it of course can’t be true literally — I’m pretty sure I know what you did on Friday, and it wasn’t going too a bar. ^^ And Saturday was hot in places, but not a sauna…

    Thanks to your long blog history, I think it really happened, in July last year. 😉

  2. Also, cliffhanger. Bad!

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