Looking Glass

This day last week, Fiji Bear and I were laying under the sun in a small island floating in the middle of a small lake 2.30 hours driving from the city. Around 5 minutes after that, we had to return to the mainland since both of us wanted to get our fat fried.

Fiji must have known how much I was craving a road trip. It was his idea, to my surprise. And another surprise came when he told me that we were here exactly 2 months ago, on our 2nd date. Here we are, celebrating our two months (which sounds a bit short considering things we went through), in the same town, eating the same food. We tried getting the same hotel but ended up with another one with bigger green area, which was good for some night walking, Fiji said.

However, we ended up having sex marathon in the room, eating coconut pastry and watching Girl, Interrupted. So much for night walking.

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2 thoughts on “Looking Glass

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  2. Sex won over romance! Night walks next time, then. 😉

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