From A Fuck Date

I came to Florian with the initial thought of having a quick one night stand, and then I was gonna board my way to the rural area the following day for the worktrip. “It should be easy” since I was too confident with my game: a few drinks, a few flirtatious winks, some lame pickup lines that were actually funny and then I would pretend to be embarrassed by it and then my place. It all went well, he spent the night, holding my hands, on my broken bed, and I got him the cab at 4 in the morning.

The Florian thing could have just stopped right there. But then, on my way to the assigned rural place, I received his message. It was a poem, about how the city looked during the transition between the barely lifted darkness and the bleak rising sunlight. It started with this line “Earth’s shadow lifting into the sky – Disappearing.”

And then the story started to flow. Words back and forth, silly stories were exchanged. My routine at the remote place was pretty uneventful so I found myself updating him of my days and reading how his progressed. Florian turned out to be a really nice guy: a fan of poetry, of goldie movies, bands that I’d never heard of like Not Wist, Sigur Ros & Album Leaf, a scientist or to be more exact, a hydrogeologist and more importantly, a very caring and loveable, gentle mannered guy.

Physically, in that gay language, he’s a bear: hairy, big, huge belly, beautifully bearded, but not that kind of tattooed, shaved head bear. He has a very gentle face features with greyish blue eyes, the kind that reminds you of the sky when it’s about to rain, but the pleasant purifying kind of rain.

Alan once asked me this, “Are you attracted to the bear type?” and my response was “I’m not sure, maybe” but actually I’m attracted in males in general. “But Jorge is definitely a bear,” Alan replied. I’d never thought of Jorge as a bear, maybe just a guy with a bit of belly fat and yes, pretty hairy, but very dynamic and dangerously sexy. Florian is like a total contrast kind of bear. There’s no trace of that deadly charm but still, the thought of his little smile warms my heart.

And his actions do confirm his romantic nature. When I was complaining about the mosquitos in this area, he said he could give me his “Anti-Brumm” mosquito repellant plus a remote cuddling app. The next day, there he was, taking the cab all the way from his place, showing up at this remote area, with the repellant. I was joyous, of course, since that’s not something an one night stand would normally do, but a friend, or a date.

We spent the whole night hanging out with some people from my workplace, looking for local cuisine and sightseeings, and ending up in his hotel room where I spent another night. However, I got food poisoning that night and things didn’t go that well. “At least I don’t have to take a cab at 4 am,” Florian threw a joke.

And after the trip, he welcomed me into his place, with a special German dinner that he’d made himself. I guess by this point, I’d already given up the idea of just considering him a friend. I realized I actually like this guy and there’s so much more that I want to know and explore about this human being. I know it seems a bit fast since the Owen thing had just finished not long before, but chances are chances right? Who knows what else could be brought about.

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