For the record

It’s been weeks since I last had sex, especially after I did my HIV test (which was negative). So I decided to meet up with this older Brazilian guy. I’ve heard that Brazilians are very notorious regarding the size of their member. And today that legend was verified, at least with him.

Now what I remember about him are the fact that his balls are melon-sized (yes, they are literally three times bigger than mine), he got a vacuum cleaner mouth which literally blew my mind off with his nipples and ball sucking, and he complimented me on my charm which I hadn’t even known existing.

Apart from that, the sex was not that great, especially when, yes, once again, we both want to fuck the other. And he only agreed to suck my cock when I put his favorite strawberry flavored condom on.

“What I usually find attractive in men is the fact that they act like a man,” he was talking over lunch table.

He seems like a really nice guy but I don’t know why I had this feeling in the middle of the sex, the feeling of guilt and maybe a tiny bit of disgust. So I tried to play truant after lunch. He said he wanted to see me again (which is sex, of course) but I excused him for having a very tight schedule in the morning tomorrow.

Just now, I realized that maybe the disgust that I’ve been feeling is not about him but about me, I don’t know.

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