For once I knew, I was not magnificent

Don’t you cherish me to sleep.

Steve and I had been planning for his upcoming trip in my country, in my town. Whenever I felt worried or had anything bugging my mind regarding either the destination or the transportation on what day, Steve always said: “As long as you’re with me.”

He was about to spend almost one month here and we were thinking of doing an island together. I remember thinking it should be great since the last time I was on an island with a company was 2 years ago, with Ben. No more lonesome island hopping, no more single snorkeling, no more solitary sunset.

Steve wanted to spend almost 2 weeks in my town just for us to be able to stay close. Or at least that’s what he affirmed to me in our emails. Everybody loves sweet words, I guess, even when we clearly know that they could be fooling us like all of the other times.

Before I knew it, it’d become a habit for us. Thanks to the 15 hours difference, he always sent me “good night” when it was morning. I woke up everyday only to find 2 or 3 new emails from him in my mailbox. Sometimes we managed to meet each other halfway of the day on Skype, where we could catch up with each other on what we’d been doing. We did get some moments of “cyber” intimacy too and they were always followed by “I wish I could touch you in person.”

Our exchanges had always been like that. A couple of clicks. A couples of typing and there we were, in front of each other, mentally. Somehow I’d forgotten about the age difference and looked forward all day to the time that we could be able to share a laughter or an adult video we both find amusing.

And just when I thought things were going right in such a long time, Steve disappeared. He never replied to the last message. No phone call answered. No emails returned. It’s only been days but somehow, I felt like he’d taken so much time and space.

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