Before I knew

Before I knew Bon Iver, I was a little broken.

I saw myself as a conquerer of the world. I tried my best to acknowledge my flaws, and to use the strength they gave me to push open the doors of every new opportunity. Bang!

I’m the same person now, but I’ve begun to move more slowly, with more intention. Bon Iver didn’t change me. He only showed me that I could use my power for more delicate things. I could be gentle with a bird’s snapped wing. And I could be gentle with myself.

Bon Iver lays the bird on the grass. We watch as it discovers its new gait, tests its new wing, and leaps into a tree. ‘We’re all a little broken,’ he says. ‘But if I fly in a circle, it’ll bring me back to you.’

I found this piece on a Tumblr called Boniverotica. Sharing much thoughts and fantasies with this woman, I could only dream of being able to touch his pain once and let him touch mine. Maybe afterwards, we’ll all be healed, just like the little bird.

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