I think I’m coming down

I’ve just sent the Italian journalist to the airport, with whom I spent my entire week as his LO. I’ve also just done my first live chat session ever with Steve, who I feel really connected through email.

The Italian guy is nothing at all what I’m usually attracted to in a human being, let alone a man. He’s too formal and stiff, too much politeness going on and always seems to be in alert. But after a week, I found myself staring longer than I should at his auburn flock of curvy silk smooth hair, his golden brown eyes and thin lips while doing the interpretation. The only time I felt like that he finally let me inside his walls was also our goodbye at the airport.

Steve was everything that I could ask for in a man, or even better, in a good friend. Or at least that’s what I assumed from those emails we’ve been exchanging. But talking to him live is completely different. I stumbled and stuttered and wasn’t able to do the clever word choice thing I do with my emails. My shyness and insecurity show. And more importantly, I can’t seem to get over the fact that he’s over 30 years older than me with him right in front of me.

I’ve just recently discovered that beautiful cover of Sarah Siskind’s Lovin’s For Fool by Bon Iver. I know, what fan is not supposed to know this one, right?

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