The guy from the sauna

I don’t know what’s wrong with those guys. They kept sending me their status, expressing their interest and getting me picturing wonderlust adventures in my head and then didn’t respond after I replied. Or maybe, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The thing I know clearly is that I feel very insecure every single time.

I finished gym early today, still loaded in tasks from workplace left untouched. Then I remembered feeling angry because of Ted, the one whom I’d really like to get to know but keeps on playing hard to get. I remembered feeling so disappointed in myself for letting things go too easily with Stephen and for being overconfident that I was going to be fine with just another one night stand. And then I remembered going to a gay place with Koichi 4 months ago. It was before long that I decided that I had to pay that place a visit today.

So put my chicken shit self aside and and went into that gay sauna. I was asked to do a rinse first so I headed to the room, which was pretty small. There were just 4 shower stalls and 3 of them were occupied so I chose the only one left over. That’s when the first middle aged man who’d been giving me weird looks started to touch me. And by that I mean touching my cock. I was petrified a bit at first but then the reason why I was here hit me again, I decided to just to let him feel it for second. Maybe he was gonna give me a bj later, that’s what I had in mind.

He kept playing with it till it got hard while I was doing the showering thing. But then I saw one of the teachers back in college going in. I didn’t want him to recognize me and I don’t think he wanted to be recognized either so I did what I normally did: I fled.

The next destination is the Jacuzzi. There were just 4 people, including me, in the tub that’s where I had my first 3 way encounter ever. Well, it wasn’t really an encounter but the guy on my left was feeling my up when the one on my right was working his way on my cock. I did feel great receiving attention and fondness, even if just physically, that much. The guy on my right looked pretty good in the dark with the beard and all so I decided to go upstairs with him after receiving his signal. My heart was pounding really hard.

I lost my way to the upper floors since the place was very dark and the only thing I could see clearly are towels moving around. I finally got to the steam room (or as they called it the final destination. It did look like I missed several spots). It was definitely the most popular spot since I believe all of them flocked here. I couldn’t see a sign of my target anywhere so I just went in and enjoyed the sauna. No sooner had I sit down that I realized that the target guy already approached me from behind. His voice trembled in the dark: “Are you still cold?”

It was thoughtful of him to say so since it was indeed pretty cold outside and I got here in gym clothing.

“No,” I replied silently, trying not to draw any more attention.

“Good,” he said and then put one arm around my shoulder. His face, as I could slightly make out, was still very chilling, just like in the Jacuzzi. And then out of nowhere, he turned to put a kiss on my neck, a quick, gentle and stolen kiss. It was when I started to feel myself shaking in silent motion again.

He seemed to notice it cuz he then started to chat me up, telling me about whom he’d seen going in here, including a cop and a well known professor. While we were exchanging small talks, another guy sat down next to me on the other side. I didn’t really pay any attention until I felt a very cold stare gazing at my neck, which made me turn around and met his deadly eyes. This one was either really angry or horny. I pretended not to realize that I turned back to my target guy but I then felt something really strange under my towel: a hand.

The target guy saw that and he pulled me closer to him, like a wolf protecting its prey from another potential rival. I was scared a bit since the other guy’s hand was still stroking my dick (which felt good) while he was still passing that sharp stare at me. The target guy took it up a notch by pull me head to his side and gave me a kiss. On the mouth. A long hot one that I couldn’t resist. I returned the favor and touched his face slowly with my bare hand. That’s when I was finally be able to sense his smell: typical smoky, bland, and bitter. But I was here just for the mood so that was ignored.

“Let’s go somewhere else, I don’t feel comfortable here,” I whispered.

It was just like he’d been waiting all along for this since he immediately nodded and headed out of the steam room. I stood up and was about to catch up with him (Man, that guy was quick!) but I forgot that the creepy one was still holding my dick in his hand. And he didn’t let go.

I was trying to move but he kept on pushing me back with his other hand. The other one started to pull on my dick, which really hurt. A sudden fright took all over me. I did what my instinct told me to: making noise, not really loud ones since I didn’t want to cause a stir in this place where I’m the newbie and that guy might got his way around a decade ago, but it was loud enough to catch others’ attention as well. That’s when he let me go.

Well, the rest was predictable. The target guy took me to a small private room which was incredibly small and dark. He dropped my towel, suck on my nipples and then my cock. I fucked his mouth, not that hard like I did with Steph but yeah, that’s one thing I’m good at. And then I cum all over his chest.

The part after that was something that I didn’t expect. He asked me out for dinner. I said yes. We talked. I found out he was 14 years older than me and divorced with kid. He told me about his previous boyfriends. I told him about Ben. He asked to see Ben’s face. I did. He told me he sells clothes. I told him I teach kids. He isn’t much of a drinker. I finished my beer in a minute. He asked me my number. I pretended I didn’t have a phone and he made me write his number down. I did.

And now we’re texting.

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