The guy from the hookup site

During sex, what I remember the most usually is the smell, the smell of the person sharing the closet and most intimate moment with my bare body, the smell of his skin touching mine and slowly melting into the unknown realm, the smell of his breath reeking upon my neck while I put gently deep kisses all over his beard. Normally it could last for days, lingering on my flesh, my pillow, my sheet or maybe just on my mind. And normally I’d try to make it last as long as possible, until the memories and the feeling of another unrequited romance goes away. This time, everything is different.

I met this guy on a hookup site (which I’d never tried before) since I was really in the mood for sex. We chatted for a while and he seemed like a really fun, charming and all that. He was travelling all over for his business and coming to my town. His beard is full on, which is always such a huge turn on for me. And I gotta say his manhood is pretty nice itself, not too long (giant penis does scare me) but very thick, with round loveable balls. He even asked me not to touch myself and have sex with anyone else until we met (which was 5 days away and kind of hard for me considering my routine). I did agree since I found it all charming in one way or another.

Things go as planned, except for the fact that his flight was delayed thanks to Obama’s recent visit to Burma and my over-enthusiastic state of mind playing with my best bud, Matt,’s new motorbike (I did manage to cross the road and almost got hit by a truck) that led to us meeting 2 hours later than planned. Matt was such a nice guy, showing great moral support since he knew I was too chicken shit to do this thing by myself. He slowly found excuse to withdraw and then left me and the guy alone.

Let’s just call the guy Steph. We chatted for a while, drink some beer while getting to know each other from the 60th or so floor of a 5 star hotel. The city did look beautiful in a way, with all of those moving tiny lightning slowly in the midst of the heavily light polluted atmostphere. Small talks went by and then came the sex part.

He turned to me suddenly in his room, wasting no time at all, looking me in the eyes with such lustful gray eyes and then moving on for a kiss. He was taller so I had to stood on my toes to reach his mouth. It tasted all lust. From me and him. And sloppy. And a bit herbal, the bitter kind. I don’t know whether because it was me smoking too much or his.

He loved my gym clothes so much that he sniffed the sweaty smell off my shirt while I was running my hand under his, reaching his nipples and pin them gently, fingers gently cross the perfect layer of chest hair.

You could get the rest. I was too tired now since it’s 4 am so here’s the quick and bitter sum up:

  1. He kissed a lot. Which is a good thing sometimes since he literally swallow my whole feet. The kisses in my inner thighs were fucking hot.
  2. I still had troubles sucking and kissing people not close enough.
  3. We both tried to fuck each other and that’s a no no for me. He made an excuse that his hole wasn’t really clean right now (right after I fingered him).
  4. I love the feeling of being in control but sometimes I wanted to let him take charge but I guess with his slightly heavy figure, it was kind of hard.
  5. Too many negativity. Good part: His cock looks great. His chest hair is beautiful. His eyes were very convincing and I loved it when he kept trying to tell me to fuck his mouth hard. (I think I did gagged him at some points).
  6. I think he said “I love you” while we’re at it.  I didn’t say it. I know how easy for people to say those 3 words while temporary being in the process of reaching orgasm.
  7. I guess my kissing nipples, ears and tongue chasing weren’t that bad after all those months without actual full action sex since he came pretty easily without much of contact under there.
  8. I, as usual, took longer than expected. And when I did, I came all over his beard. I could see that his interest was slowing drifting away since he was covering his eyes while I came.
  9. He didn’t even ask me to stay the night. I didn’t expect that either but it was just the hotel room was so nice and the bed was so fucking nice and I loved the view from up there… I made my excuse, went out for a cigarette and then went home.
  10. He forgot to get my the Burmese fridge magnet like I asked.

He’s gonna be spending a couple more days in town but I guess I will not see him again. I mean, it wasn’t good. And when it wasn’t good, the impression is there forever.

Right now, I’m typing this as I can still sense the smell of his on my left hand. This is a very strange smell, similar to a combination of sweaty penis, soap, milk for babies and cigarette (which is mine I assume). It is just different, not in a good nor bad way. It’s just different. I remember having sex with Matt (another Matt, not the best guy I told you up there) and having dreamt of him every night with his smell persisting on my bed cover. This is so much different from that.

I guess that maybe this could be a good thing. I mean, I had sex with someone who discard me right after and I did too. There was no disgust, no shame, no hard feeling, no guilt and no pain. But, there was no nothing too. Maybe this type of habit could be the answer to my problem in short term. Until somebody like Ben or Matt came along. Or at least I hope so.

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