What game am I playing?

I just got back to work after my Cambodia trip. And a guy from work chatted me up on facebook. About 1 hour later, he was in my room and we had sex.

Well, almost. We didn’t really do anything though. It all just started from a small joke. I’m always joking around like that with friends around. A friend of mine had informed me his assumption about this workplace guy’s sexuality but I didn’t really buy it since the workplace guy used to date the girl in my dream. Yes, they used to date, and broke up, and he was very mad at the girl.

So, as far as my curiosity went, I also wanted to see how far my flirtatious side could go. I didn’t expect him to come into my room during office hour and asked for a massage (which I then provided when we were sitting). Next thing I knew, he turned around and yearned for my lips. I didn’t refuse.

I got what I wanted: my confirmation, of his sexuality and of my ability. But I didn’t want to stop either, not because I enjoyed it but because I didn’t want to make him feel rejected, especially when I was the one who started the joke.

He said he wanted to bite my lips. He wanted me to bite his shoulders. I went for it. And then he suddenly paused and whispered to my ears in his sweetest tone possible:

“Let’s do oral.”

That’s what I don’t mind. I mean, I don’t refuse a blowjob.

“You do it for me,” he then said.

That’s when I know things went a little bit too far. That’s where we stopped. I went home, texting my friend that his intuition was right. And what happened next was even more unexpected: I met the girl right in the front gate, after she saw the workplace guy pass by.

I then decided that I really needed some beer and had to blog it out.

It was somehow a very risky experience since it could cost us both our job (well, actually I’m about to quit anyway). It wasn’t even hot for me, however, since I had to touch myself to get hard. The kiss was terrible. His breath kept chasing me away. And I felt like I was being pulled back, closer to Ben.

I guess I was just too lonely. And so was he. It was a wise decision to stop before things went further because it would never have been able to go further.

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