Just a little outraged

Accidentally saw Fatal Attraction when I was flipping channels just now. I remember seeing that movie when I was just a kid, freaking out when the part where a rabbit was boiled to dead came on TV (and of course feeling a bit aroused upon the steamy under-the-fan sex scene). Now what I have in me is completely different.

Glenn Close character, Alex, died in the end, just like any other creepy obsessive villains. The family which she attempted to destroy was together eventually, shiny and new, after going through the hardship together. Sounds idea but that’s what I don’t want to ending to turn into, although I did know that it was going to end this way. I want the guy to suffer just a slice of what that woman’d been suffering. I want the guy to pay for what he did. He couldn’t just take what he wanted and be gone, ignoring the damage he left behind, especially when he’d built someone’s hope up.


Alex kept on calling the man she once slept with, threatening him to spill the beans to his beloving wife and all that. Yes, she took it a little too far but isn’t it that wrong hold such resentment after falling in love with a man, giving him your flesh and bone, trying to be apart of his life but then being rejected, cast out, or even considered less than nothing and pushed to the edge?

She tried to get tickets for his favorite opera shows only to be turned down. She tried to have him call just to be reminded that she still got someone showing her a bit of care or if luckier, affection. She abducted his daughter just to have a chance to taste what it’s like to have a family with the one that took her heart. Isn’t it that wrong to deserve such consequences in the end?

Everybody was there, wasn’t they? I used to be in a place where all I wanted was to maltreating myself in the most obvious way possible so that people who walked away from me would hopefully not turn away, just like what Alex did to herself. I used to be in the place where all I could think of is vengeance, is how to make those people suffer from the very same thing they’d done to me. I used to be in a place where a single hug or kiss from such people could make me clean all over again, from those negativity. You call that begging for attention or pity? I don’t mind. It could be pity that I asked for. But it could also be what’s mine.

When Alex was drowned by the one she held dearest in her empty broken body, I could sense such unbearable pain spreading into the water, suffocating a human being with just one little desire until all that she could do is letting out her final breath. Maybe in a different movie, she would be able to keep that peaceful look while dining with the man, saying “I feel like I know you already”, and find someone who could really save her soul.

On a second thought, maybe I wouldn’t be able to find strong connections with Alex in such world.


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