I had a dream last night

There was me and, I don’t know, maybe Ben, or another guy that I went to primary school with. We were sitting on the same table, listening to whatever the teacher was saying in what seems to be a classroom in my primary school. One of my childhood (girl) friend and my high school sweetheart were there as well, sitting right behind us.

I think the subject was English and I felt really uncomfortable since I think I’m a decent English teacher myself and now had to endure such boring lesson. I wanted to do sth to dethrone the proclaimed teacher and I think Ben would approve.

There was something that bugged me, however. I knew that he didn’t feel the same towards me as I did to him. But he was really kind and caring, and willing to show affection for me in public, as a kind gesture of a friend. So I decided to tilt my head to the left, leaning on his shoulders. And he would just threw his right arm around me, hugging me in real tight. The girls behind was in awe. And I felt, even if it’s not him returning my feelings, very proud, safe and maybe a slice of happiness. I don’t know whether it was him wanting to do this or it was just him pretending to be all flirty and enjoying being able to control others’ from the inside out. Either way, it felt great.

The greater it is, the more bitter the taste left in your tongue the following morning when you wake up and realize it is all a dream.

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